WORLD KUKMUWON - National Institute (or Center) for Korean Martial Arts.

World Kukmuwon

Under the auspices of the KiDoHwe (Korean KiDo Association or KiDo), there has been a new technical assistance body recently formed in South Korea for recognized authentic Korean martial arts. The KiDo is factually the oldest controlling body for indigenous martial arts in South Korea, started since in 1963.



WORLD KUKMUWON” (WKMW) which translates as “National Institute (or Center) for Korean Martial Arts”. Its inaugural President is none other than GM HWANG, Young-Jin, who is the current Secretary General and Head of Technical of the KiDo Hwe.

It’s main purposes are to:

  • Research into adopting new approaches to promote martial arts and their values to the youth;

  • Develop or modify existing platforms and techniques to be more relevant in the modern society;

  • Promote better cultural exchanges, guidance and fostering better links with today’s youth;

  • Maintain superlative martial art techniques and solutions following the KiDo’s history and efforts;

  • Assist the youth and others to learn more about Korean Martial art history and linage.

The WKMW has already started to appoint selected training centers globally as WKMW sanctioned dojangs or training centers. Prerequisites currently include being an approved KiDo training center, running sanctioned training programs and having a KiDo certified Master (preferably Grand Master) as the center or organization Head.

Kukmuwon - GM Julian Lim

Approved training centers will receive an “WKMW Authorized Training Center” certificate of appointment. One of the very first Grand Masters invited by President HWANG into the KMW is LT COL GM LIM (9 Dan KiDo HKD; 9 Dan HSS; 9 Dan TKMS or ROK Army SF), who has also been given the authority to appoint official WKMW centers independently within his own network. 3 West Malaysian and 2 East Malaysian WKMW centers have already been selected and are in the process of been awarded their Authorization Certificates. More centers internationally aligned with GM LIM have been provisionally selected and will be so authorized within this year through to 2020. These currently include Australia; Germany; Hong Kong; Morocco; Singapore; Taiwan; UK; USA and several others.