One in A million

Ever wondered if you would be that ‘1 in a million’ person to face a life threatening situation? Would you be ready to respond or simply accept the circumstances you were dealt? One way to prepare would be to train in a martial art or get involved with a self-defense class.

Martial arts, the words invoke pain to every person when you talk about it. Whether it’s the pain of training to achieve great heights or the pain of being hit, people choose to avoid it.

People only think of the pain and negativity when it comes to the things that are seemingly difficult to achieve. Getting flipped around and smashed to the ground seems unbelievably painful. The reality is quite the opposite. Flowing past punches and going with the flow are some of the unique ways a Hapkido practitioner deals with difficulties on the streets, work or in life.

Today’s news is filled with stories of theft, rape, assault all of which involve life threatening situations.

We should be ready, able and equipped to defend our ourselves and our loved ones.
Depending on police officers to be our personal bodyguards 24/7 is unrealistic.( not to mention expensive for taxpayers! )

Hapkido was born out of tumultuous times to be simple and swift, to end physical altercations in the shortest possible time.
Simple enough for a child to comprehend and apply.
Why not an adult?

In extreme situations, Hapkido could very well save your life.
More importantly, its principles are applicable to life, their limited only by the imagination.

Hapkido philosophy teaches us life is cyclic. Just as the each preceding season gives way to the next. Hapkido enables us to learn about personal safety and a sound mindset to face life and the world.