Get fit with Fitness KickBoxing

Fitness KickBoxing, (FKB) developed inhouse by LifeCraft Asia is based on Korean Martial Arts.  At its core, the program’s goal is to improve fitness, health, increase strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Fitness KickBoxing is filled with energizing musics, exciting and fun exercises all of which get the people’s blood pumping. It's a great way to sweat out all the stress and negative energy built up over the week. 

Apart from getting stronger, it also teaches people to protect themselves. It also gives the participants maximum joy through activities that challenges their limits and having them sweat the maximum amount possible with the elements of fun in it


Fitness KickBoxing is a great starting point. Perfect for beginners who have never done any form of martial arts based exercises. Training is broken down into simple steps to aid learning. It teaches people to protect themselves. Fitness KickBoxing challenges limits In a fun invigorating environment.

Just wear something COMFORTABLE and get ready to MOVE.

It is a step towards personal safety and survival even if you may not be a martial artist.