Be Part of History in the Making...

LifeCraft Asia is inviting martial arts practitioners from all disciplines to join us from 22th March to 30th March 2019 for Authentic Korean Martial Arts Training in Seoul-Korea. Continuing with previous visits organized by Lt.Col GM J.S. LIM President of KOMA SEAPAC, forged from the bond of trust and 15 years in the making, has enabled LifeCraft Asia to offer this unique experience to those willing to put in the effort.

Come experience some of the best Korean martial arts has to offer.
Regardless of discipline or lineage, LifeCraft Asia is giving individuals the opportunity to learn from some of the best (legendary) Korean masters; still honing their art and skills after decades practice and refinement. Our focus is on proven practical, effective yet elegant HoSinSul (or applied self-defense) applications and executions via some of the best premier Masters in South Korea. This trip would benefit the following most: Taekwondo practitioners from 4 Geup to 8 Dan who want to truly improve their Self Defense skills and knowledge; Hapkido practitioners who want to benchmark their own standards against some of the world’s best Masters. Of course all other Martial Arts practitioner are very welcome!

Cross-disciplinary training sessions include:
TukGong MooSool (ROK Special Forces CQC) with GM COL LIM President and Mst HONG, Jeong-Pyo of the Tukkung Musool (KWTA); HapKiDo under GM HWANG Young-Jin, Secretary General of the Korea KiDo Associsation and President of the International HoSinSul Federation , GM KIM Nam-Jai, President of the Kyung Mu Kwan and KHU formerly as Techincal Advisor in KHF (known well in Discovery Channel- Fight Quest: Hapkido) ; GM JU Ung-Seo Eujikwan-KHF; GM Kang Jun President of the GongKwon YuSu or Iron Fist, are just some of the highlights.

In addition we are trying very hard to include a special session with either the current or previous Head of the Presidential Blue House Secret service training as well as an optional (extra training to those who wish to attend) TaeKwonDo session with one the top Poomsae schools in the world.

With exclusive sanction agreements with the IHF, KiDoHwe and KWTA, Lt.Col GM J.S. LIM will be able to offer free appraisals to those seeking membership, ranking and Instructor qualification from the previous mentioned premier KMA bodies. This will be especially special for those (current and former) servicemen and women seeking a KMA path via the KWTA which the official ROK Army SF CQC Training Command. Qualification can be via the world authorities direct; KOMA SEAPAC or both.

Over the years, participants have come from all over the globe, representing different cultures, creeds and languages. Through camaraderie born from the unique trust and respect forged when practicing martial arts together, the realization that there is more that unites rather than divides us is both humbling and energizing and have always promoted friendship, networking, goodwill and quality training. For some this may well be a journey of a lifetime, something that must be experienced and certainly not something to be missed.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted as events unfold.