A Silent Killer, chair

There’s a silent killer among most of us, who and what is it?

Anything can be dangerous, depending to the people intent on HOW they uses it. Today an inanimate object we use everyday. A chair is a common object that we as human uses in our everyday life, to sit, to rest, to sleep, to work, etc. We almost do everything and anything on the chair, just like what you are sitting on right now. We spend most of our time on the chair, averagely 8 hours per day. However, did you know that without you realizing it is taking away your life quietly and slowly.

There are a number studies shown that people who spent more than 4 hours per day on a chair will have a higher risk to get different types of deadly diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problem. All of this diseases has caused sitters or sedentary people having 50 percent chance to die faster than active people. Besides, the chair also contributes to belly creation and affect your physical appearance. Nowadays, many people are more concerned about their body shape/appearance but do not take the initiative to make the change.

Lack of motivation is an excuse that has been frequently used by lazy sitters. To motivate oneself, why not join some classes? Having a partner or a group exercise will motivate one to push further and to be more active. There are various kinds of activities could be done, such as jogging, going to the gym, joining a fitness class, martial art class, as long as you stay active.

Besides, small changes can be done in your daily activities to protect you from this silent killer. For example, how about changing your office chair into a gym ball? It could induce some fun and healthy factor in your daily working environment. It could enhance your muscle endurance when you try to maintain your balance on a gym ball or do some exercise after 2-3 hours of constant sitting. You could even do some static squats in your workplace, or static brisk walking when you’re in your workplace or while you are enjoying some evening drama.

Some of the activities that are able to achieve healthier and active lifestyle.

Some of the activities that are able to achieve healthier and active lifestyle.

Still sitting on that chair? Why not get your buttocks up and start defending yourself from this silent killer.